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A single pane of glass for 911, Police, Fire, EMS and On-site Security to see the big picture of an emergency situation.

911 inform

Making every second count when it matters most.™

A True Connected Building Solution for Schools and Other Locations

Our software provides incredible new capabilities that empower coordinators, responders and others to act as one in any emergency situation.

911inform is a notification and emergency management solution providing state of the art tools to orchestrate complex, multi-departmental responses effectively and efficiently. We support emergency services with the bi-directional communication and controls needed to successfully manage a crisis and save critical time.

Works with existing system and requires no pre-installed software

The 911inform service is activated through existing communication systems, and provides emergency notifications to all required parties, including more specific location information about the emergency event. Our web-based dashboard is accessible on any device with no required install, initiated from SMS-based alerts. It provides powerful connected building controls to dispatch and emergency response teams, allowing them to use video surveillance feeds, voice control systems, door access capabilities and more, ensuring that they can arrive on scene as quickly as possible and be better prepared when they do.

An all-encompassing emergency system:

Meets or exceeds all compliance requirements from Kari’s Law and RAY BAUM’s Act
Pinpoint location of an emergency call’s origin while simultaneously notifying local authorities
Instantaneously access interactive maps and visuals of your premises
Instantly text key on-site personnel
Instantly control the building’s security systems – including doors, paging and security cameras


Situation Control Emergency Communications Threat Monitoring

Door Access
Intercom / Paging System
Live video surveillance
Physical & Virtual Panic Buttons

Direct activation to 911
Bidirectional communication
SMS messaging/notifications
Interactive building/facility mapping
Custom Alerts & Notifications

Security Camera Integration
AI Intrusion
Facial Recognition
Weapon Detection
License Plate Identification


This document assumes that Intel Smart-Edge has been deployed with 911inform VM including all required software packages installed.

System Requirements
LTS version of Ubunu
Latest versions of all relevant security packages and libraries

How can 911inform help?

Our goal is to save time, and possibly a life. 911inform was inspired after our founder was distraught over watching the news of another shooting in the U.S. What was disturbing was the fact that many of the fatalities could have been saved if it were not for the prolonged arrival time of emergency first-response teams to the scene. Due to many factors, the core reason was that first responders do not have the informative tools to gain a better grasp of the emergency at hand. When utilizing our connected building tools, we take the guesswork and struggle out of any emergency.

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