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Altran V2X RSU Apps For ITS Applications


Overview of Altran V2X RSU Apps

Altran (part of Capgemini) V2X solution enables safety & non-safety applications for V2V,V2I,V2P and V2N scenarios for Road Side Units (RSU), On Board Units (OBU) and Smart Pedestrian Devices . The solution comes with application and underlying stack conformant to regional standards - WAVE / ETSI and China. The V2X RSU Apps supports V2I use cases.

V2X Application Description

Following Vehicle To Infrastructure (V2I) applications are supported:

Roadside Alert (RSA): RSU periodically broadcast advisory messages about the road hazards (Slippery Road, Animal On the Road etc.)
Electric Vehicle Charging Station (EVCSN): RSU periodically broadcast presence and occupancy status of nearby Electric changing station Information
Vulnerable Road User (VRU): RSU detect vulnerable road user and broadcast the same information to near-by vehicles
Time To Green (TTG) / Green Light Signal (GLOSA): RSU broadcast the traffic signals state and time information to near-by vehicles in an intersection

Separate container images are provided for OBU / RSU apps which can be onboarded (as pods) and communicate over UDP/IP interface. A Human Machine Interface (HMI) app is provided for visualization and demo purpose. In real deployment scenario the UDP/IP interface could be replaced by C-V2X PC5 or C-V2X Uu air interface

Pre Requisites

Cluster with minimum 1 Master and 1 Slave. (Recommended 2-Slaves and 1-Master)
Altran provided container images for V2X RSU/OBU Apps

Note: Air interface integration requires third party radio integration for C-V2X PC5 interface and MNO application server for C-V2X Uu interface



The Altran V2X application is available in the Altran provided shareable repository upon request. Please contact Altran sales for details

Install Altran V2X Applications

From the Controller Node, go to helm chart folder of the repository:

$ helm install altran < image provided by Altran sales > --set service.type=NodePort

Show helm is installed

$helm get all altran

Execute the python web server for HMI demonstration

$ cd <WaveHmi>

$ python websock_server.py -i<ip_address> -t80 -p<port_number>

$kubectl get pods -o wide

Get all three pods(pod name starts with v2xstack-xxx-xxx) IP address for inter-communication between the pods, then update config

After helm Install we need to change the config file of each pods as Host Vehicle, Remote Vehicle and RSU.

$ kubectl exec –stdin –tty <podname> -- /bin/bash

Safety.conf for HV Safety.conf for RV Safety.conf for RSU
obu_id=1 obu_id=2 obu_id=3
speed=150 speed=100 vru_rsu=1
host_vehicle=1 host_vehicle=0 rsa_rsu=1
svw_simulation=1 svw_simulation=1 ts_rsu=1
evcsn_simulation=1 evcsn_simulation=1 Map=1
Vru_rx=1 ts_rx=1 evcsn_rsu=1
Ts_rx=1   host_vehicle=0

Update the dynamic IP Address :

Web_server_port= <ip address of controller> at HV (host Vehicle) safety.conf

Intercommunication IP addresses update:

hv_udp_port=9081       #host vehicle UDP port,will get used when UDP adaption is enabled

hv_ipaddr=<1st pod’s IP address >

rv_udp_port=9080        #remote vehicle UDP port,will get used when UDP adaption is enabled

rv_ipaddr=<2nd pod’s IP address >

rsu_udp_port=9082       #rsu UDP port,will get used when UDP adaption is enabled

rsu_ipaddr=<3rdt pod’s IP address >

To execute the stack binary , export the library path by using the below command

$ export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=./lib

Execute each binary

$./v2xsafetyapp &

Test Output

Test Output

helm uninstall v2xstack

Additional Information

Many more V2X apps can be supported based on request

Where to Purchase

Contact Altran Sales Support: marketing@altran.com

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Altran V2X RSU Apps

Retrieve Container Images and Helm Charts

Containers: <Contact Altran Sales>

Helm Charts: <Contact Altran Sales>

Pre load docker images on nodes

Docker image load -I <image provided by Altran sales>

Deploy service

helm install v2xstack <altranv2x>

Where to Purchase