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Arcus UPF (User Plane Function)

A Helm chart for Arcus UPF for OpenNESS 20.12

Overview of BlueArcus

Blue Arcus® is a global end-to-end 4G/5G mobile network software provider, delivering telecom solutions that are 3GPP compliant and built on an open and distributed architecture. 
With many live deployments across Pacific, Asia, Middle East, and Africa, we have been helping MNO’s enhance customer experience by providing cost-effective, fast, and reliable voice and data services. The SMART Compact network edge of core makes it suitable for proving high speed, secure and low-latency services.  

For more information, please visit our official website: https://www.bluearcus.com/

Application Description

Blue Arcus’ UPF (User Plane Function) is the data plane component under the Arcus Core infrastructure built on CUPS (Control/User Plane Separation) architecture. Arcus’ UPF can be deployed at the Edge location near to the Radio Access Network (RAN) for low latency services, optimize content, localized high bandwidth applications. UPF performs traffic steering and route the local traffic towards the Edge applications and the rest to the internet to ensure the mission critical traffic stays local ensuring ultra-low latency and high-data rates for edge applications. High performance of user plane is achieved through Kernel-based and DPDK (Data Plane Development Kit) libraries-based packet acceleration technologies.

Arcus’ UPF Deployment Flavors:

UPF can be deployed using diverse techniques to meet the requirements of use cases across wide range of applications and services grouped by Enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB), Ultra-Reliable Low Latency Communication (uRLLC), and Massive Machine-Type Communications (mMTC).

Standalone UPF

UPF is deployed on a standalone server, with separated User Plane data driven between Radio and UPF.

UPF - Standalone

UPF Integrated with MEC appliance

UPF is at edge node along with the edge applications. UPF routes the traffic according to the traffic forwarding mechanism. Data forwarding latency is reduced along with efficient use of hardware resources.

UPF - Integrated with MEC

UPF Integrated with CU/DU

UPF is integrated with BBU hardware with internal N3 interface to provide extremely low latency user data.

UPF - Integrated with BBU

UPF Features:

Able to steer the packets quickly and accurately to the correct destination such as gating, redirection.

Anchors for intra-RAT / inter-RAT mobility (where applicable).

Packet inspection, application process inspection based on service data flow templates and optional PFD received from SMF.

Supports dynamic policy allocation with policy enforcement.

User plane QoS processing, with dedicated QoS for each session

OpenNESS Building Blocks

CERA Core User Plane Flavor


OpenNESS 21.03.05
Flavor – CERA Core User Plane was obtained through Intel Distribution of OpenNESS.
Storage: 200GB
CentOS 7.9



The Arcus UPF is available in the edge apps repository. To obtain it, clone the repo.

$ git clone https://github.com/open-ness/edgeapps

Then, into the applications/arcusupf folder, there is a helm chart folder for installing it.
Please upload the docker images received from Blue Arcus before you install the helm chart.

Install the Chart

helm install arcusupf . -n 5gcore

Configure Arcus UPF

Contact sales@bluearcus.com for detailed instructions on configuring the arcus user plane function.

Uninstall Chart

helm uninstall arcusupf -n 5gcore

Additional Information

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Where to Purchase

Website - www.bluearcus.com

Contact - Ambujakshi Kalla

Email - sales@bluearcus.com

Optimized for Intel® Smart Edge


Arcus UPF

Retrieve Container Images and Helm Charts

Containers: sales@bluearcus.com
Helm Charts:

Pre-load Docker Images on Nodes

docker load -i upf_image.tar