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D-SCOPE: Network Service Orchestrator
Power of Automation

Hughes Systique

Hughes Systique

Hughes Systique’s D-SCOPE, Distributed Service Chaining and Orchestration Platform for the Edge.

Overview of D-SCOPE

Hughes Systique’s D-SCOPE is an application which provides network service orchestration for deploying computation and bandwidth intensive multi-tier applications, end to end, from the edge-cloud to back-end high performance datacenters.

Application Description

D-SCOPE is an end-to-end network service orchestrator responsible for optimal placement of network functions of a service at the edge or the datacenter and the establishing the network connectivity between these multi-site network functions using a SDN controller. Application developers can use a manifest file to define the partitioning constraints and resource requirements of their respective cloud-native applications. Based on the hardware resource and EPA requirements of the application components, D-SCOPE instantiates the different parts of this application on the edge or the datacenter and then uses the SDN controller to establish a service function chain from the edge to the datacenter for traffic flow. D-SCOPE uses the Intel OpenNESS service for the edge cloud management and OpenStack for the backend cloud.


D-SCOPE supports plugins for the following software:

OpenNESS 20.03 => for Edge site
OpenStack Train => for Datacenter site
ONOS SDN controller v2.3
For D-SCOPE platform’s installation:
Pre-deployed Kubernetes cluster
For successful operation:
Network reachability between D-SCOPE and Edge/Datacenter/SDN controller
Network reachability between SDN controller and Edge/Datacenter sites



The D-SCOPE is available in the HughesSystique/d-scope repository. To obtain it, just clone the repo.

$ git clone https://github.com/HughesSystique/d-scope

Then, into d-scope/helm-charts folder there is helm chart for installing it.

Install the Chart

To install helm chart, follow the instructions mentioned in the README.

Test Output

Successful helm chart installation will give similar output on the console.
NAME: dscope-orch
LAST DEPLOYED: Thu Apr 22 07:36:21 2021
STATUS: deployed
Thank you for installing dscope.

Configure Your Application name


Test Output

To verify if D-SCOPE installation is successful, follow the steps mentioned in the README.

Uninstall Chart

To uninstall helm chart, follow the instructions mentioned in the README.

Test Output

On uninstalling helm chart, following text will be printed on console.
“release "dscope-orch" uninstalled”

Additional Information

Hughes Systique Corporation (HSC), headquartered in Maryland USA, is part of the HUGHES/DishTV group of companies and is a software service provider for solutions used in next-generation telecom networks

Where to Purchase

If you wish to use D-SCOPE to orchestrate your application in a 3-tier environment - locally, at edge and at DC, you can try the helm charts given above for installing D-SCOPE on K8 cluster. The README gives the pre-requisites, installation and verification details.

This will help you deploy your application in a multi-site environment, using D-SCOPE - where the edge is based on Intel OpenNESS nodes and DC is based on OpenStack. D-SCOPE supports plugins for these virtualization environments by default. D-SCOPE also supports plugins for ONOS SDN controller to realize an end-to-end SFC.

If you are looking for leveraging D-SCOPE with any other virtualization platforms or SDN controllers, we can implement the corresponding plugins and integrate in the existing D-SCOPE platform, as per your requirements.

Optimized for Intel® Smart Edge



Contact Hughes Systique (info@hsc.com) to request a demo or trial.

Where to Purchase

https://www.hsc.com or email to

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