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Accelerate your path to Industry 4.0 with Intel's Edge Insights for Industrial Software


Intel Edge Insights for Industrial

EII Installation for PCB Defect Detection use-case using SmartEdge-Open 21.09

Application Description

Intel’s Edge Insights for Industrial (EII) use case brings ease of AI deployment in industrial environment through a set of integrated key modular components, such as video data ingestion, processing and transmission, which optimize edge analytics that lead to improved industrial product quality, operational performance, prediction of downtime and automated operational flows.

OpenNESS Building Blocks

OpenNESS Building Blocks


To run the reference implementation, you will need to first download and install the Intel® Smart Edge Open Developer Experience Kit.

At least 64 GB RAM, At least 265 GB hard drive

Ubuntu* 20.04 LTS

An Internet connection

IP camera or pre-recorded video(s)



Download the reference implementation from the below:


Install the Reference Implementation

Test Output

Test Output

Test Output

Test Output

Uninstall RI

Test Output

Test Output

Test Output

Additional Information