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Kfx Smart Industries Platform (SIP)

Overview of KFX Circuits & Systems Private Limited (KFX Labs)

Kfx is a deep-tech embedded communication systems company founded in 2012 and located in Bangalore, India. We have several patents in wired and wireless communications with distinct advantages for IOT / M2M applications. Our unique networking capabilities enable us to deploy IoT solutions in large facilities with minimal downtime & reduced capex while maximizing the ROI for our customers.

We offer an array of IoT solutions for a range of sectors such as integrated infrastructure management for smart communities, predictive maintenance & OEE tracking for Industrial applications, structural health monitoring for large civil structures like dams and bridges, remote healthcare monitoring etc.

Application Description

Kfx Smart Industries Platform (SIP) provides an integrated solution of Industrial IOT services like OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), energy management, predictive maintenance, real-time monitoring and control, time-sensitive networking, safety & security management, structural monitoring, environment monitoring (air, water, sound), etc.

The solution heavily leverages Intel’s SmartEdge toolkit for data ingestion and analysis at the edge keeping in mind the latency, bandwidth and the capacity requirements. It will be implemented on standard Wifi, Mesh, Bluetooth, LoRa, Private 5G options and/or with Kfx patented over-the-body (OTB) & wireless-over-wire (WOW) technologies for the intra-node and inter-node IOT communication based on end-customer requirements.

Kfx’s OTB and WOW technologies help in substantial reduction in the sizes of wiring harnesses in structures like buildings, cars, airplanes, ships, wagons, etc with improved reliability, throughput and flexibility.

Kfx will be launching a series of applications based on SmartEdge framework

 Kfx Smart Industries Platform (SIP)
 Kfx Smart Logistics Platform (SLP)
 Kfx Smart Healthcare Platform (SHP)


 Intel SmartEdge Developer Experience Kit (DEK) & SmartEdge Private Wireless Experience Kit
 Intel Edge Industrial Insight (EII) 2.6.3
 KFX Smart Industries Platform

Smart Industries Platform (SIP) – Architecture

Smart Industries Platform (SIP) – Architecture

Smart Industries Platform (SIP) – Deployment View

Smart Industries Platform (SIP) – Deployment View

Typical Industrial Applications

Harness Reduction – Automobiles, Airplanes, Rail, Ships,

Manufacturing – Automobiles, Motors, Pumps, Steel, Cement, Furniture,

Installations - Airports, Ship Ports, Railways,

Bridges/Dams/Conveyor Belts,


The Smart Industries Platform (SIP) is available in the smart-edge-open/edgeapps repository.

git clone https://github.com/kfxcricuits/edgeapps

Install Chart

helm install kfxchart_sip edgeapps/applications/kfxchart_sip/ --values edgeapps/applications/kfxchart_sip/values.yaml


After installing the chart, to see the application http://NodeIP: port
user name: giri@kfxlabs.com
password: password

Kfx Smart Industries Platform

Test Output (OEE)

Test Output (OEE)

Uninstall Chart

helm uninstall kfxchart_sip

Where to Purchase

Please mail to nishil@kfxlabs.com

Optimized for Intel® Smart Edge


Helm Charts:
git clone https://github.com/kfxcricuits/edgeapps

Deploy Service

helm install kfxsmartchart_sip edgeapps/applications/kfxchart_sip/ --values edgeapps/applications/kfxchart_sip/values.yaml

Where to Purchase

Please contact nishil@kfxlabs.com

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