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Intelligent Network Exposure


App Name: Nabstract NIO_TIS

A Helm chart for NIOTIS, AF Enabler for traffic influence service for OPENNESS 21.03.03

Overview of Nabstract.io

Nabstract.io is building a portfolio of network applications that provides developers of different industry verticals like gaming& media, industrial IOT, finance, healthcare, V2X platforms to use APIs that expose device, location, network quality, service experience & other network related parameters utilizing the public or private 5G network function capabilities. This abstraction layer from the Telco / 5G Network Service Providers using Nasbtract NEF APIs for network access, edge cloud and device context, is positioned to enable new service use cases, network automation & monetization value adds for its enterprise & cloud partners. Nabstract NEF is a critical building block in the Telco, Edge & Cloud Service Providers, Enterprise Customers B2B2X business models.

Application Description

NIO_TIS, is a traffic influence 5G Network application. It is part of the Nabstract NEF Portfolio.

As the Telecom Service Providers collaborate with different Cloud companies to partner to build the EDGE (MEC) Cloud network, the need to automate dynamic policy environment triggered by a context of device, platform or edge application will get complex & demanding on the MNO. The Nabstract NEF provides a single & independent definition point between application platforms and 5G Core deployment to address this issue. The Nabstract NEF with its portfolio of network applications & APIs address this issue.

OpenNESS Building Blocks

NIO_TIS leverages Intel OpenNESS Microservices and provides a 5G AF enabler Portal and Rule Engine to define traffic influence rules.


This document assumes that the Intel openness was installed through the openness playbook. Single Node or Multiple Node deployment.

Openness Version: 21.03.03

The other components may need IDO distribution.

Helm v3.1.2
Host OS CentOS 7.9
Compute* (vCores) Minimum 4 to 8
RAM Minimum 8GB
Storage 100GB SSD
CPU Intel Xeon scalable Processors



The NIO_TIS is available in the open-ness/edgeapps repository. To obtain it, just clone the repo.

$ git clone https://github.com/open-ness/edgeapps

Then, into applications/nio_tis folder there is helm chart folder for installing it.

Install the chart

cd nio_tis
helm install niotis ./niotis/

Test Output

NAME: niotis
LAST DEPLOYED: Mon Jul 12 11:14:41 2021
NAMESPACE: default
STATUS: deployed
1. Get the application URL by running these commands:
export NODE_PORT=$(kubectl get --namespace default -o jsonpath="{.spec.ports[0].nodePort}" services niotis)
export NODE_IP=$(kubectl get nodes --namespace default -o jsonpath="{.items[0].status.addresses[0].address}")
echo http://$NODE_IP:$NODE_PORT

Uninstall chart

helm uninstall niotis

Test Output

release "niotis" uninstalled

Additional Information

NIO_TIS is part of the Nabstract NEF Product Portfolio, and it is the first service launched. Nabstract will release other NEF services periodically.

Where to Purchase

For more information, we can be reached at info@nabstract.io

Optimized for Intel® Smart Edge



Retrieve Container Images and Helm Charts

Containers: Contact: info@nabstract.io

Helm Charts: https://github.com/open-ness/edgeapps/tree/master/applications/nio_tis

Deploy Service

helm install niotis ./niotis/