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Welcome to Polte:
Global Location Powered by 4G/5G


September 20, 2021

Overview of Polte

The world’s next location system will be built from cellular infrastructure, not satellites. By offering secure, accurate positioning indoors and outdoors globally, Polte uniquely unlocks universal location intelligence for a 5G hyper-connected world. Polte’s cloud-native platform both answers the limitations of fragmented, traditional location technologies and drives a new era of insights from Massive IoT to Industry 4.0 to smartphones.

Polte’s IoT location capability specifically enables enterprises with cut deployment costs, heightened visibility, and boosted operational efficiency for improved customer experiences in a wide range of sectors, including supply chain, healthcare, manufacturing and construction. Learn more below.

Polte IoT Location Product Description

Polte’s patented Cloud Location over Cellular (C-LoC) technology has been proven as the most accurate and reliable cellular positioning method, offering industry leading performance improvement for all types of location (TOA, AOA, RTT), all connected devices (5G, CBRS, Cat-1, Cat-M, NB-IoT), and on all 4G and 5G networks. Polte leverages cellular signals without dependency on carriers to position, enabling enterprises to reduce the complexity of deployment and eliminate the need for additional infrastructure, hardware, radios, or power drain on their Mobile IoT devices.

Unlike competing technologies such as BLE, Wi-Fi, or RFID, Polte provides the continuity to seamlessly track an asset indoors within a private network and extend over the wide area network, allowing uninterrupted visibility for enterprise asset tracking.

Contact Polte at https://www.polte.com/contact/ to learn more about how to achieve secure, accurate, and global location insights for your use case.

Usage and Examples (Business Value examples/deployments)

To learn more about Polte’s competitive advantage for IoT, visit our IoT Use Cases page: https://www.polte.com/solutions/iot-use-cases/
For resources including whitepapers, testimonials, and demo tracking videos, visit our Resources page: https://www.polte.com/company/polte-resources/