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6WIND is a leading high-performance networking software company and the worldwide market leader for Virtual Service Router (VSR) solutions. 6WIND software is deployed globally by Service Providers, Systems Integrators, Cloud Providers and Tier-1 OEMs, allowing customers to replace expensive hardware with software and virtualization for routing and security use cases. 6WIND has a global presence with Headquarters based in Paris, France and in Santa Clara, California. For more information visit: https://www.6wind.com

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·  6WIND Virtual Service Router (VSR) is a high-performance and scalable virtualized software router optimized for Communication Service Providers and Enterprises. It is deployed bare-metal, virtualized, or containerized on COTS servers in private and public clouds. 6WIND VSR solutions comprise of  vCSR, vPE, vSecGW, vCG-NAT, vBorder Router and vCPE.  https://www.6wind.com/vrouter-vsr-solutions/


·  6WINDCloud is an innovative disaggregated networking software solution that embraces the Cloud Native architecture to boost your network growth and simplify the network’s operational model while reducing costs and increasing profitability. https://www.6wind.com/6windcloud-cloud-native/


·   6WIND Virtual Accelerator is a host network acceleration software that provides a solution to power the virtual networking infrastructure with the required features, performance and scalability. Used in Network Function Virtualization infrastructure (NFVi), Data Center Virtualization or Network Appliance Virtualization use cases. https://www.6wind.com/virtual-host-acceleration/ 


·  6WINDGate provides the foundation for next-generation networking applications. Deployed in Tier 1 networks, 6WINDGate delivers the much-needed software solutions that enable OEMs to build networking products for 5G, SD-WAN, and IoT markets. This includes IP backhaul solutions, Unified Threat Management (UTM) products, universal Customer Premises Equipment (uCPE), Radio Access Network (RAN) solutions, and much more. https://www.6wind.com/6windgate/


Success Stories, Datasheet and Product video, past webinars + Upcoming events


White Papers

-          6WIND Demonstrates 400GbE - Virtual Security Gateway Throughput | Feb 10, 2023



-          6WIND Virtual Service Router: https://www.6wind.com/wp-content/uploads/resources/datasheets/6wind-vrouter-datasheet.pdf 


-          6WIND Virtual Security Gateway Router  https://www.6wind.com/wp-content/uploads/resources/datasheets/6wind-virtual-secgw-datasheet.pdf 


-          6WIND Virtual Border Router https://www.6wind.com/wp-content/uploads/resources/datasheets/6wind-virtual-router-datasheet.pdf 


-          6WIND Virtual CG-NAT Router  https://www.6wind.com/wp-content/uploads/resources/datasheets/6wind-virtual-cgnat-datasheet.pdf 


-          6WIND Virtual Private Edge Router https://www.6wind.com/wp-content/uploads/resources/datasheets/6wind-vpe.pdf 


-          6WIND Virtual Cell Site Router  https://www.6wind.com/wp-content/uploads/resources/datasheets/6wind-vcsr.pdf 


-          6WINDCloud https://www.6wind.com/wp-content/uploads/resources/datasheets/6windcloud-datasheet.pdf 


-          6WIND Virtual Accelerator https://www.6wind.com/wp-content/uploads/resources/datasheets/virtual-accelerator-datasheet.pdf 


-           6WINDGate  https://www.6wind.com/wp-content/uploads/resources/datasheets/datasheet-6windgate.pdf



Product Videos:

-          6WIND Story  https://youtu.be/9eY4Op8b8M8 


-          6WINDCloud  https://youtu.be/VFZqa-L8hh8 


-          6WIND VSR  https://youtu.be/9eY4Op8b8M8 


-          6WIND Virtual Accelerator  https://youtu.be/Xua4_YRl-m8 


-          Virtual Border Router https://youtu.be/XFhQ_oLLkmI 


-           Virtual Security Gateway https://youtu.be/4w5QBaeQS3A 


-          Virtual CG-NAT https://youtu.be/5Fxg71U91Jw 



Success Stories:

-          WiTCOM https://6wind.maglr.com/witcom-success-story/witcom-a-success-story

-          Voxology https://6wind.maglr.com/voxology-success-story/voxology-selects-6wind-vrouter 

-          Netscout https://6wind.maglr.com/netscout-success-story/introduction 

-          Togglebox https://6wind.maglr.com/togglebox-success-story/togglebox-a-success-story 

-          Lolo Company  https://6wind.maglr.com/lolo-company-success-story/introduction 



Webinars on Demand

-           SMARTWAN – Expanding uCPE with Secure Hybrid Networking https://www.6wind.com/webinar-smartwan-expanding-ucpe-with-secure-hybrid-networking/ 


-          Virtual Service Router for CSP https://www.6wind.com/how-can-csps-achieve-growth-while-securing-profitability/ 


-          Global IoT Connectivity https://www.6wind.com/webinar-lolo/ 


-          Virtualization – the New Norm, delivering real-world benefits https://www.6wind.com/webinar-virtualization/ 


-          Empowering your Virtualization Infrastructure https://www.6wind.com/virtualization-infrastructure-capabilities-webinar/ 




-          Use CG-NAT to meet IPv4 exhaustion challenges https://www.6wind.com/use-cgnat-to-meet-ipv4-exhaustion-challenges/ 

-          How to build MPLS network with 6WIND Virtual Service Router  https://www.6wind.com/how-to-build-mpls-network-with-6wind-virtual-service-router/ 

-          Single IPsec Tunnel – How to get Higher Bandwidth https://www.6wind.com/single-ipsec-tunnel-how-to-get-higher-bandwidth/ 

-          Protecting your network traffic during uncertain times https://www.6wind.com/protecting-your-network-traffic-during-uncertain-times/ 


Upcoming Events:          

o   MWC Barcelona 2022 https://www.6wind.com/events/mwc-barcelona-2022/ 

o   LIVE Webinar with Heavy Reading - High Performance Virtual Service Routers: Towards a Cloud Native IP Edge 

o   MPLS SD & AI Net World Congress https://www.6wind.com/events/6wind-at-mpls-sdn-world-congress/ 

o   BIG 5G Austin

o   5G World Summit Amsterdam


Press Releases:

o   6WIND VSR is Certified for VMware Telco Cloud