AEWIN Technologies Co.,Ltd. has been delivering industry-leading networking/embedded/gaming computing solutions since founded in 2000. Today, with decades-long engineering and manufacturing experience in IPC industry, mighty engineering abilities and abundant resources and broad portfolio of solutions.

AEWIN has been addressing a wide variety of challenges and requirements submitted by our clients and partners around the world from leading companies to SME in many different industries, including automotive, broadcast, computer and storage, consumer, industrial, medical, military and test/measurement, and helping them to hit products to the market efficiently and profitably. As an ISO-9001/14001 certified company, AEWIN is your reliable and trustworthy partner who helps you to realize the goal of "profit maximization and cost minimization".


AEWIN network appliances are the perfect hardware platforms for all kinds of network security applications. We provide a wide array of network devices for application developers, OEM solution providers, system integrators, and communication service providers.

Processor System

AEWIN offers solutions based on the x86 micro-architecture. In addition to providing stable and reliable performance, the x86 is rapidly displacing other application-specific micro-architectures across the globe.

The basic hardware platform for network appliances features innovative modular design, multiple LAN ports with high networking bandwidth throughput, powerful core logic computing capability, built-in security co-processor, and a friendly management interface.


The AEWIN commitment to OEM/ODM-branded products enables its customer that stand out in their respective markets. Our experience in hardware and ID design enables us to provide unique, differentiated units. Throughout the entire hardware design process, AEWIN closely works with our partners and always bears in mind the appliance’s ultimate network environment.

Application for AEWIN Network System:
  • VPN Gateways
  • Wireless Security Gateways
  • Policy Gateways
  • Virus Scanners & IDS Severs
  • Content Filtering & Firewalls
  • Web Leaches
  • Bandwidth Management
  • Load Balancing
  • UTM (Unified Threat Management)