Affirmed Networks

Affirmed Networks Mobile Content Cloud™ solution for Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) significantly transforms and advances the state of mobile networks by moving away from legacy infrastructure with a more agile and flexible virtualized architecture.

The Affirmed Mobile Content Cloud empowers the creation and launch of new services and applications in a matter of hours and days – instead of months with traditional hardware-based products.

Affirmed Networks’ technology has achieved significant attention as its virtualized Evolved Packet Core (vEPC) solution has become the standard for the world’s top mobile operators. Currently, the company has been deployed commercially, including in Tier 1 mobile networks, and is engaged in many trials worldwide.

The Affirmed Networks Mobile Content Cloud™ Affirmed Networks’ next-generation virtualization technology empowers mobile operators to create and launch new services and lower capital and operational expenditures through greater efficiency for deploying revenue-generating services and applications.

Operators are moving away from legacy architectures that deliver basic access to networks that must be built to handle the rich growth of mobile data. Due to their lack of flexibility, cumbersome service creation, and inability to scale economically, legacy architectures have severely limited innovation in the mobile space.

The Affirmed Networks Mobile Content Cloud™ solution based on Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) framework is transforming mobile networks from a collection of expensive proprietary boxes to virtualized data and control plane processing in software-defined data centers.

The Affirmed Networks Mobile Content Cloud is a flexible, scalable, carrier-class virtualized software architecture that provides multiple industry leading innovations. The company’s innovative service creation functionality enables operators to create new services in time frames that are several orders of magnitude lower than today’s norm, while giving mobile operators greater flexibility to try new business models and rapidly create and launch revenue generating services.

By virtualizing their network functions with Affirmed Networks’ technology and utilizing existing data center infrastructure or a hosted cloud environment, operators are able to significantly transform the economics of deploying and scaling mobile networks from a CAPEX and OPEX perspective.

Affirmed Networks solution interoperates seamlessly with existing network technology, meaning operators can continue to utilize their existing equipment while pursuing a “cap-and-grow” strategy moving forward. As legacy equipment is retired, more and more functions and services can be shifted to their virtualized network infrastructure.