Alcatel-Lucent is a at the forefront of global communications, providing products and innovations in IP and cloud networking, as well as ultra-broadband fixed and wireless access to service providers and their customers, and to enterprises and institutions throughout the world.

For the past three years, Alcatel-Lucent has been developing CloudBand a platform for Network Functions Virtualization or NFV. Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) brings proven cloud computing and IT technologies into the networking domain to help service providers reduce equipment and operational costs, power consumption, and time-to-market for new services and functionality.

CloudBand: NFV Platform

Alcatel-Lucent CloudBand™ is an NFV platform that is designed to meet the needs of service provider applications. CloudBand consists of two major components:

The CloudBand Node, which provides the ETSI NFV Infrastructure The CloudBand Management System, which provides the ETSI NFV management and orchestration framework

The CloudBand Node provides the compute, storage, and local networking infrastructure to be deployed at the distributed NFV points-of-presence. The core technology is an advanced set of infrastructure management, monitoring, and virtualization software for efficient remote operations. The node software comes pre-integrated with industry standard x86 servers and is open to servers from multiple vendors.

The CloudBand Management System provides the following functions for managing virtualized network functions and applications:

Cloud management and orchestration: This function manages and orchestrates resources across the end-to-end NFV infrastructure. Service providers gain a horizontal view of resource and service usage across the distributed locations. North and southbound APIs: CloudBand Management System functionality is exposed to applications and cloud nodes through industry-standard open APIs, such as OpenStack and CloudStack. Carrier PaaS: This function is responsible for the lifecycle management of NFV applications. Cloud optimization: In a distributed carrier cloud environment, optimal placement of virtual machines and virtual storage volumes is not a simple task. The CloudBand cloud optimization function runs placement algorithms developed by Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs. Cloud analytics: This function collects cloud system and application events and provides near real-time input to the global cloud resource status view.

CloudBand integrates with the Nuage Networks programmable SDN solution as well as other SDN frameworks. With the Nuage Networks SDN framework, application developers and service providers can specify the networking policies required by the application. The Nuage Networks framework then automatically sets up the associated network structures as virtual machines are created throughout the NFV infrastructure.