With the massive growth in cloud application usage across businesses, the Wide Area Network has now become the critical component of the new Enterprise Application Infrastructure, not only in delivering cloud applications to users, but also as a valuable source of data that can be used to regain control of cloud adoption in the enterprise.

Ampliphae's solution uses advanced statistical analysis of wide area network traffic flows, combined with sophisticated machine learning techniques, to give IT managers deep insights into the current and predicted use of cloud applications within the enterprise. Using these insights, Ampliphae integrates with the SDN and SD-WAN control plane, delivering a Cloud-aware network that automatically adapts and controls the WAN to ensure optimum performance for mission-critical Cloud applications.


Ampliphae is an innovative technology company that is revolutionising how service provider and enterprise Wide Area Networks are operated to support cloud applications. The changing demands of cloud and "as-a-service" applications are posing unprecedented challenges for enterprise IT teams. The network is the lifeblood of cloud, delivering business-critical cloud applications to the end user securely and efficiently – but it also provides a unique data-driven viewpoint about how those cloud applications are utilised within the enterprise.

Ampliphae was founded with a vision to use machine learning and deep analytics to derive unique insights from network traffic, and thus automate the processes that enable a cloud-first IT and WAN strategy. Our products ensure that enterprises can regain control of the enormous variety of cloud services that the business depends upon, maintaining business continuity, security and user experience.

Having worked for multinational corporations such as BT, IBM and Nortel, The Ampliphae team has decades of experience building and managing telecoms and enterprise networks at global scale. Working at the cutting edge of the network virtualisation revolution since its inception, we understand how to exploit the flexibility and programmability inherent in software-defined and fully virtualised networks.