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Aria Networks is an independent and network agnostic software service provider for network operators, datacentres and high traffic internet services. The company's core solution is based on sophisticated artificial intelligence technology, to help service providers to efficiently plan and manage, enabling optimised use of resources, accurate planning for upgrades and real time analysis and resolution of hardware failures.

We remove the guesswork; allowing service providers to identify capacity utilisation (across network, compute and storage assets), accurately model demand, and recognise - for the first time - the true cost of service delivery.
In the planning phase predictive analytics enables investment in the right combination of infrastructure to manage current and future growth.
In live operation, real time capacity management and forecasting gives providers the insight to problem solve, optimise and improve.

Aria Networks is enabling telecommunications, cloud and internet service providers to quickly benefit from virtualisation via a suite of applications available as cloud based solutions from AriaOnline. These applications which enable service providers to visualise, optimise and self-heal any combination of physical and virtual networks.

Aria Networks' customers include major US and European telecoms companies, cloud and datacentre operators, and some of the largest over-the-top social network providers.

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Solving Real World Problems Using Software Defined Business Driven Objectives
Jay Perrett, CTO at Aria Networks presented at the TMF Live event in June

Most networks and cloud services are looking to deliver virtualisation through software, yet the degree to which individual networks are optimised varies hugely. Many service providers hold a vision of a fully software controlled Self Optimised Network, but this is not a reality today and the journey will need to be planned, gradual and effective.
Aria Networks applied the process improvement model to the operation of telecommunication networks to guide process improvement across a network domain, the operation of the entire network or an organisation in charge of operating the network.
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Operator Maturity Applications

Aria Networks can help service providers that are still predominately relying on engineering resources to optimise and manage key network functionalities through relevant software applications.
Service providers can download relevant applications from Aria Networks’ app store (AriaOnline) or run them in a SaaS model in the cloud. They can apply these to optimise network efficiency whatever the stage of operational maturity.
Providing optimisation for a number of different network scenarios from traffic modelling and network visualisation to KPI success measurement and margin analysis, Aria Networks applications enable service providers to use relevant software to plan, deploy and manage their network more effectively, whatever the level of maturity.
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