AI-Driven Quality of Experience Optimization: Home Wi-Fi and Broadband

Adaptive Spectrum and Signal Alignment, Inc. (ASSIA®) develops innovative technologies for service providers that improve internet connectivity worldwide. ASSIA’s market-leading AI-driven solutions make internet connections run faster and more reliably by optimizing the performance of whatever infrastructure is in place, including copper, fiber, Wi-Fi 6, and 5G.

When internet service providers deploy ASSIA solutions, they grow revenues, increase customer satisfaction, improve operational efficiencies, and deliver new multimedia content to the broadband and Wi-Fi-enabled home. As a result, internet users have a better quality of experience at an affordable cost.

ASSIA products include:

CloudCheck® – uses cloud-based contextual analytics and machine-learning algorithms to evaluate historical and real-time conditions of the Wi-Fi environments and make automatic, usage-based optimizations that are ideal for each node on the network TruSpeed – uses cloud-based machine learning to intelligently monitor and accurately measure both broadband and Wi-Fi speeds while assessing bottlenecks across five key points in the network Expresse® – improves broadband to the home by increasing reliability and performance and optimizing each line in a DSL or GPON network ClearView® – recommends appropriate steps to call-center agents and field technicians to resolve broadband and Wi-Fi problems

ASSIA is a strategic partner and trusted solutions vendor to over 35 service providers worldwide with more that 100 million broadband and Wi-Fi lines under contract in 17 countries, across 5 continents.

The company is a significant contributor to standards bodies such as the Wi-Fi Alliance, Broadband Forum, NICC, ITU, and ETSI. ASSIA holds over 500 patents.

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