As Intel’s largest value-add distributor and a $27B Fortune 500 company, Avnet partners with communications solutions providers who take their intellectual property to market, accelerating product launch & increasing profitability – ultimately enhancing competitiveness. From components to cloud and design to disposal, Avnet brings products, services and solutions to customers that build, sell and use technology, globally.

Speed time-to-revenue
Avnet works with telecommunications, unified communications and broadcast solutions providers to bring their software applications to market quicker, and more efficiently. Avnet recognizes the shift taking place in the market and acts as a valuable partner for accelerating the deployment of NFV solutions, reducing the time-to-revenue for virtual network function, management and orchestration software providers.



Avnet Embedded is more than just products, components or line items. We provide the support and cradle-to-grave services our customers need to get to market anywhere in the world efficiently, reliably and with confidence.

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