Avvasi enables Quality of Experience (QoE)-driven measurement, improvement and monetization of the video experience and is the industry reference in streaming video analytics and traffic management.

Avvasi’s Q-VUE product passively analyzes every video session on the service provider’s network, in real-time, and reports on over 60 parameters and features for each session, including video QoE.

Avvasi’s Q-SRV product builds on Q-VUE and provides rich policy-based mechanisms to actively manage the streaming video on the service provider’s network. Most uniquely,
Q-SRV can manage video traffic based on QoE targets. By managing to a QoE, the service provider can create virtual capacity on the network (cost savings) without risking subscriber churn, or offer premium differentiated services in order to increase ARPU.

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XperiumOS is Avvasi’s carrier grade software package which implements both the Q-VUE and Q-SRV products. With Avvasi’s XperiumOS, service providers can measure and manage the exponential growth of video traffic, without compromising subscriber QoE.

Avvasi’s virtualized XperiumOS software provides all the benefits of a best-of-breed video analytics, video policy control, video traffic management and monetization solution, in a fully virtualized and elastic form factor, available both as an integrated VNFc or as modular media inspection, measurement, management, policy and service delivery VNFcs, each of which can be scaled indepedently.

This enables service providers and partners to deploy video analytics and traffic management components on COTS hardware alongside other virtualized functions thereby enabling an infrastructure of multiple best-of-breed vendors. The benefits to service providers are service agility and reduced capex, with increased network intelligence to maintain a high quality of experience and reduce churn.

Virtualized XperiumOS is optimized for Intel Open Network Platform server reference designs and the latest Intel DPDK software for the highest performance data plane processing. Avvasi is working with leading service providers and partners on fully virtualized Q-VUE and Q-SRV deployments today!

Virtualized XperiumOS