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CA Technologies understands that SDN/NFV technologies will fuel the application economy and will be the catalyst to quickly spin-up new service offerings while identifying new revenue opportunities. We are a proven leader in the IT management and monitoring space and very exited to accelerate the effective adoption of SDN/NFV by providing technology to manage, monitor, and operate dynamic virtual networks along with legacy infrastructure; delivering insights and analytics to improve productivity and agility while accelerating your new service deployments. Learn more at

CA Technologies (NASDAQ: CA) creates software that fuels transformation for companies and enables them to seize the opportunities of the application economy. Software is at the heart of every business in every industry. From planning, to development, to management and security, CA is working with companies worldwide to change the way we live, transact, and communicate - across mobile, private and public cloud, distributed and mainframe environments. Learn more at


The application economy brings new and unprecedented demands to the network and the business. Software-defined networking (SDN), network functions virtualization (NFV) and cloud architectures are key to staying competitive and agile, but will undoubtedly introduce complexities and vulnerabilities into operational systems and processes. CA Performance Management enhanced by CA Virtual Network Assurance reduces risk in software-defined data center and cloud deployments by providing extended visibility and sustained reliability for self-service, automated, modern networks.

To ensure success, a conversion of your current management capabilities is needed which will enable you to realize the full investment of SDN/NFV. CA Virtual Network Assurance closes the loop among traditional operational silos by bridging existing infrastructure management capabilities to meet the needs of SDN/NFV network velocity. CA Virtual Network Assurance offers:

Comprehensive coverage. Broad capabilities to acquire, analyze and present metrics on devices, flows and applications across traditional, SDN and cloud end points to improve operational visibility.
Support for Cisco ACI and software-defined data centers (SDDC). Visualize the new network abstraction via discovery and collection of your Cisco ACI deployments, along with traditional infrastructure.
Support for Nokia Nuage and network as a service. Monitor self-service VPN over multitenant wide area networks.
Advanced scale. Provides four million items at 500,000 metrics per second, making it the most scalable monitoring platform on the market.
Integrated metrics. Rich, open API visualizations of new overlay metrics with SNMP through relationships and building-block views.