For mobile, wireline, and cloud data center service providers, a comprehensive service assurance solution is essential to deliver advanced data services with high Quality of Experience (QoE) across complex, multi-vendor infrastructures. CENX, a next-gen software company, is able to provide such a solution with Exanova Service Intelligence, which turns vast amounts of network big data into actionable intelligence. With Exanova, service providers are able to dramatically reduce the time needed to operate and troubleshoot their networks, and usher in the next generation of virtualized (NFV) and software-defined networks (SDN).

CENX's Exanova Service Intelligence software transforms network big data into real-time intelligence. The company's orchestrated service assurance and management solutions enable CSPs to make quick, informed decisions on how to run their networks more efficiently and profitably. Exanova provides an intuitive user interface with end-to-end visualization of the entire network across multi-vendor hybrid infrastructure, including NFV and SDN technologies.

Exanova Service Intelligence integrates easily within existing operations by overlaying existing inventory, fault management, performance monitoring, and legacy B/OSS, eliminating operational silos. Exanova consolidates network big data and uses real-time analytics to correlate alarms and measure KPIs, all through a single pane of glass. In addition, workflow orchestration capabilities provide the foundation for automated operations.

Exanova optimizes the delivery and assurance of differentiated revenue-generating services, such as reliable Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity, on-demand enterprise access to the cloud, bandwidth on demand, and dynamically scalable Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud offerings.