Cloudbase Solutions

We are the multi-cloud development and deployments specialists with a strong focus on interoperability between Windows®, Azure™ and the OpenStack® world.

The Hyper-Converged Datacenter

The first fully Hyper-Converged Windows® server and OpenStack® powered cloud infrastructure. It eliminates the need for expensive dedicated storage hardware, enabling distributed data across individual cloud servers, all nodes have compute, storage and networking roles, increasing scalability and fault tolerance to new levels while drastically reducing the costs.

Coriolis® – Cloud Migration as a Service

Coriolis is the simplest way to migrate all your Windows and Linux virtual machines, templates, storage and networking configurations across any cloud infrastructure.


Provides out the box user creation, password injection, static networking configuration, hostname, SSH public keys and userdata scripts (Powershell, Cmd or Bash), highly modular and can be easily extended to provide support for a lot of features and metadata sources.

Cloudbase Open vSwitch™ (OVS) for Windows®

The de facto open source virtual switch forwarding extension, now with GENEVE, GRE, VXLAN and STT support.