Cloudify is an open source, pure-play cloud orchestration platform that addresses the challenges of implementing virtualized network functions or NFV. Being standard-driven and therefore inherently infrastructure agnostic, Cloudify is uniquely positioned to fit into heterogeneous telco environments by supporting any application stack, handling containerized and non-containerized workloads and integrating seamlessly with any DevOps-related tool chain. Cloudify natively supports VNFs requiring data plane acceleration by matching service requirements with the environment capabilities. Cloudify uses TOSCA for application and service modeling — the Topology and Orchestration Specification for Cloud Applications from the OASIS Foundation. In using TOSCA as the standard templating language, Cloudify provides a single orchestration platform across cloud platforms, regardless of the cloud environment, virtualization approach and automation tool sets. Thousands of users worldwide turn to Cloudify for NFV orchestration, looking to deploy, manage and scale their network functions and services on standardized hardware.


Cloudify, provides the full end-to-end lifecycle of NFV orchestration – from installation and deployment through monitoring of KPIs, with automatic action taking such as auto-healing and auto-scaling based on metrics -- i.e. Day 0 through Day 2 support -- all through a simple TOSCA-based YAML blueprint. This significantly simplifies the complexities involved with exposing networking elements to the user by abstracting the networking piece of the deployment into an application blueprint, all while enabling the hardening of security to match the application topology exactly.