Cobham Wireless

Cobham Wireless is a global leader in the provision of advanced wireless coverage and communications systems, producing innovative, cost-effective solutions that address market requirements for improved connectivity, greater capacity and better quality of experience. Cobham Wireless's TeraVM solution, using the same virtualization techniques as cloud applications, measures the performance of systems and applications under realistic loads. TeraVM measurements are used to compare platforms for different application mixes, measure the performance of system software components, and characterize the operation of individual applications.

Cobham Wireless leverages Intel® technology to make TeraVM both high-performance and scalable. The solution is capable of emulating millions of unique application flows and user interaction because of the processing power of the Intel® Xeon® E5 2400 CPU, which is used in the 1 GbE solution and the Intel Xeon E5 2600 CPU, which is used in the 10 GbE solution. The solution delivers scalable performance through support of multiple TeraVM virtual machines connected through the Intel-developed Open vSwitch* and Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK) open standards. Together these technology switch data between the VMs at wire speed and very low latency to maximize performance.

NFV related products / services use Intel Architecture

TeraVM uses DPDK to gain increased traffic throughput performance on the virtual platform which outperforms proprietary hardware solutions, facilitating service providers and network equipment manufacturers to use standard server hardware to deliver cost effective and highly scalable network infrastructure and application performance test capability.