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Millions of new intelligent, AI-driven mobile-edge devices are placing huge strains on traditional IT, networking and cloud services delivery models. Edge Clouds are the new foundation for placing agile resources at the right place and time to service the demanding compute, networking, security and latency requirements of new edge applications.

A software-only solution, CPLANE NETWORKS intelligently automates and manages the orchestration of Edge Clouds. Built on a telco-grade service provisioning platform, Multi-Site Manager (MSM) removes the primary barrier to hyper-distributed cloud orchestration – complexity. Through open APIs, MSM provides a cohesive framework for consolidating and managing service requests from a myriad of customer-facing IT and cloud services solutions, isolating them from the complexities of orchestrating virtual and physical cloud infrastructure for OpenStack and other virtualized infrastructure managers.

Multi-Site Manager easily scales to thousands of highly-distributed micro-sites for NFV, IoT and mobile-edge applications. Via integrated software-defined networking enhanced through Intel's DPDK, MSM delivers high-performance virtual cloud networks within data centers, at customer premise sites, and at the mobile-edge, all with integrated network connectivity between sites and to public clouds. And with complete topology and service mapping, MSM provides a rich source of analytics and back-end data to enable intelligent life-cycle service orchestration and optimization.

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CPLANE's Multi-Site Manager (MSM) is a telco-grade service provisioning platform designed for high-performance and scalability to hundreds of thousands of end-points. MSM removes the complexity associated with orchestrating the provisioning of “many-to-many” topologies by providing a cohesive set of APIs that consolidate service requests from multiple customer-facing systems. MSM then seamlessly handles the orchestration of compute, storage and networking services to highly-distributed cloud sites (e.g., customer premises, mobile-edge microsites, etc.), creating a complete topology mapping that can be used for analytics and back-end services.

MSM includes CPLANE's Dynamic Virtual Networks – DataCenter (DVNd) software-defined networking (SDN) solution. DVNd creates highly-optimized virtual overlay networking in each cloud pod or site. Utilizing Intel's Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK), DVNd implements a high-performance Open vSwitch (OVS) in each compute node in the virtual overlay network, delivering near line-rate networking performance. DVNd uses the same DPDK-enhanced OVS in a virtualized Overlay Gateway Router (OGR), which provides high-performance connectivity to external networks and resources (e.g., WANs, public clouds, legacy resources, etc.).

By using the combination of CPLANE's MSM and DPDK-enhanced DVNd, customers can quickly deploy and connect highly-distributed Edge Clouds for NFV, IoT and mobile-edge applications.


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