Raemis is a complete cellular core application with all of the functional elements of a public mobile network executed on an enterprise scale. It can be hosted on industry standard server platforms and can be economically deployed serving from between 20 users to 5,000 users.

Raemis is usually deployed in conjunction with a small cell coverage solution serving a enterprise domain with mobile services. Increasingly it is used as an alternative to a VoWiFi or DECT solution providing mobile Voice, Data and messaging services on smart phones.

Vertical segments such as Hospitals and Universities are ideal examples where staff are nomadic by nature and rely heavily on mobile voice, messaging & data services. Deploying a managed dedicated cellular coverage solution ensures that users have guaranteed levels of services when and where they need it.


Druid's Raemis solution is a "soft core" cellular network application, implemented in software on a single platform, with all the components of a public cellular network providing voice, messaging, data and management services.

Enterprise Cellular Preposition

Raemis "soft core" cellular network application provides 2G/3G/LTE mobile services to a set of authorised mobile devices in an enterprise domain. Mobile radio coverage is usually provided by a cluster of Pico/Femto cells within the domain. In addition to providing all of the functionality of a public network Raemis supports a number of value added applications delivering the following set of benefits targeted at enterprise users:

Dedicated Managed Cellular Coverage Defined QoS Smartphone PBX/VoIP integration (BYOD) Business Process integrations (Workflow messaging & presence applications) Ubiquitous Future-proof technology

Raemis uses standard mobile devices incl; feature phones, smart phones and tablets. These devices do not require any 3rd party application to operate with Raemis. The mobile devices operate using their own native mobile application.

Raemis can be configured as a standalone private network providing bespoke mobile services to geographic domain that is defined by a pico/Femto cell cluster. In this scenario Raemis is providing a private mobile network services; Voice, data & Messaging to a group of enterprise users within a building or campus. Usually Raemis is integrated with the enterprise PBX and provides the function of a "Mobile Extension".