EmbedWay Technologies is a leading intelligent system solution vendor for network visibility infrastructure and embedded & convergence computing platform in China. We provide advanced products and solutions for diverse applications, such as information security, wireless network, communication device manufacturing, telecommunication value-added services, network & signaling monitoring, and video processing etc.

Network Visibility Infrastructure

Targeting for different standard and scale network, such as broadband Internet, mobile network, enterprise and industry intranet, we provide network equipments, hardware modules and related software to capture, distribute, analyze and manage traffic on multiple network interfaces.

Embedded & Convergence Computing Platform

Including industry standard or customized network application platform, embedded single board computer, heterogeneous computing platform, and big data processing platform, we provide integrated and for second development information system platform and solution, for applications like wireless network, information security, communication device, and video processing etc.


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EmbedWay Skyline High Density Media Processing Platform
EmbedWay Skyline High Density Media Processing Platform
Powered with the new 4th generation Intel® Core™ processors, EmbedWay Skyline media processing platform significantly increases media processing performance, providing high performance price ratio and high computing density.

With rapid development of mobile Internet, widely usage of intelligent terminals, continuous broadening of network access bandwidth, and comprehensive popularity of social media, there are more and more applications of video media, such as security, broadcasting, and new media. New challenges on computing performance and density are raised for media processing platform, which is the core of video media encoding, decoding and trans-coding. EmbedWay Technologies meets the challenge with the new 4th generation Intel® Core™ processors, providing Skyline high density media processing platform with high performance price ratio.