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Enea is an independent supplier of innovative software components for telecommunications and cybersecurity. We provide solutions for mobile traffic optimization, subscriber data management, network virtualization, traffic classification, embedded operating systems, and professional services. Solution vendors, systems integrators, and service providers use Enea to create new world-leading networking products and services. More than 3 billion people around the globe already rely on Enea technologies in their daily lives when using their mobile phones and connecting to the Internet.

Enea is a global company with development centers and sales offices in Europe, North America and Asia. Enea is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm.

Network Edge Resources

Solution Briefs

Lanner, Enea Build High Performance NFV uCPE for Small Offices | January 24, 2020

Enea, Intel Showcase Firewall-Protected Open Source SD-WAN | October 14, 2019

Fortinet and Enea Secure SD-WAN NFV Solution

Enea NFV Access - Software Platform for Advantech White box uCPEs

Minimizing footprint to maximize uCPE value with Enea and Lanner

Supermicro and ENEA High Performance and Low-Power uCPE Solutions for SD-WAN


Second generation SD-WAN: how to migrate

A second generation SD-WAN for deployment on uCPE based on white box hardware and open virtualization platforms is now gaining ground among communication service providers and enterprises who see a flexible and cost-efficient alternative to gray box SD-WAN.

SD-WAN – The New Backbone of the Enterprise

The benefits of SD-WAN solutions have become more evident to enterprises and the market is growing rapidly. Learn about the background and how this type of solution helps enterprises reduce costs.

3 Steps to Build a Flexible and Cost-Efficient uCPE Platform

While SD-WAN is experiencing a serious hype, service providers have begun to show great interest in basing SD-WAN offerings on uCPE solutions. Why is this? Why do service providers take such an interest in uCPE?


We provide the foundation for tomorrow's virtualized network functions with best-in-class network virtualization and cybersecurity software. Our solutions enable automation, flexibility and performance for network operators and service providers. With over 50 years experience from providing software solutions to the telecom industry, we are experts in the access part of the network. Today we are enabling the transition from physical to virtualized network functions.

Enea NFV Access – award-winning virtualization and management platform with minimal footprint for uCPE and SD-WAN.

Enea NFV Core – NFVi software built on OPNFV and OpenStack, for deployment in Telco Datacenters, Central Offices (CO) and Edge Datacenters.

Qosmos ixEngine – de facto industry-standard DPI engine in telecoms, cloud and SDN architectures.


NFVi Platform Resources

eBrief: Building a better SD-WAN with uCPE

This eBrief looks at how service providers can leverage uCPE, NFV Orchestration, and their favourite VNFs to build better and more profitable SD-WAN.

Webinar: Future-Proofing SD-WAN: Building on Open and Cost-Effective uCPE

This SDXCentral webinar examines how to build flexible and open SD-WAN based on uCPE.

White paper: Scalability of Enea NFV Core Shown Using Intel® Processors

Enea NFV Core is a virtualization platform built using OPNFV and OpenStack, with performance, availability, functionality, and scalability enhancements for communication service provider networks. Designed to deliver virtualized services on between 2 and 100 servers, tests show scalable performance as number of cores and flows are increased.

Cybersecurity resources

Solution Brief: Enea's* Qosmos* NFV Probe Uses Intel® CPUs for NFV Network Troubleshooting

White paper: Virtual Probes for NFVI Monitoring

White paper: Layer 7 Visibility for Virtual CPE

Solution Briefs

Solution Brief: Private 5G uCPE Helps Service Providers Meet Enterprise Demand

Solution for private 5G combines RAN software from Accelleran, Intel®-based white-box appliances from Advantech, and virtualization software from Enea for flexible on-premises solution with compute headroom for more services

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