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3D Volumetric Platform

3D Digital Humans For The Metaverse

3D Volumetric Platform

We’re in the midst of a platform shift from 2D to 3D. Companies of all kinds demand tools to create 3D digital humans for a wide range of use cases.

- Creating photoreal 3D humans in motion is hard.

- Streaming them over the internet is also very difficult.

- Even securing 3D identity is becoming a problem.

Evercoast enables the creation of real 3D digital humans with our ML software platform for telepresence, the metaverse, virtual production, NFTs, and more.

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Evercoast offers a comprehensive, end-to-end solution for volumetric capture, post-processing, and streaming to the web, Unity, and Unreal Engine.

Capture Software

Powerful, intuitive, and easy-to-use software to control cameras, preview the volume, and record volumetric video

Cloud Processing

Unlimited scale on the cloud with a beautiful web interface to manage processing jobs and preview the output

Live Streaming

Broadcast live volumetric performances in full 3D glory to a wide audience of viewers around the world

Web Player

Embeddable streaming web player to preview and share content, customizable to suit your brand and content

Game Engine Ready

Create experiences that take full advantage of the engine pipelines in Unity and Unreal

World-Class Support

Video, phone, Slack, email, onsite...we're on it, ensuring your success and making your Evercoast experience delightful

Use Cases

Enabling 3D Across Industries

Every industry will experience a revolutionary shift to 3D content and communications. Evercoast is fundamental to that transition.

Telepresence & Real-Time

Holographic telepresence, the future of our communications interface in 3D

Entertainment & Sports

Film, brand engagement, hang with your idol, and analyze your golf swing in 3D

Training & Simulation

Simulate the real world and train people more effectively with volumetric

Health & Medicine

From telemedicine to meditation, 3D content will empower immersive health

Retail & Commerce

Enhancing purchasing decisions from the dressing room to a catalog of objects

Logistics & Manufacturing

Measurements, defect analysis, and differencing in logistics and the factory

Security & Monitoring

Ditch the 2D fish-eye cameras and upgrade to a fully 3D security system

Whatever You Can Dream…

Democratized 3D capture and rendering is enabling a broad range of use cases