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Ecosystem Partners

Working together to deliver optimized world-class solutions

HCL Technologies LTD

As a $4.8 billion global company, HCL Technologies brings IT and engineering services expertise under one roof to solve complex business problems for its clients. Leveraging our extensive global infrastructure and network of offices in 31 countries, we provide holistic, multi-service delivery in such industries as Telecom & Networking, financial services, manufacturing, consumer services, public services and healthcare.

HCL has background in the Telecom OEM domain over 25 years when the company developed and distributed PBX and Telex equipment to the domestic market. This experience encompasses the telecom domain expertise ranging from equipment manufacturers (OEMs), service providers / operators to software vendors (ISVs). Our rich experience and maturity in this domain is built around dedicated sector-specific capabilities with service offerings ranging across end to end product engineering including Hardware, Mechanical, VLSI, ASIC, Reference Board Design, Embedded software capabilities and Application Development. These services are offered for wide range of Telecom and Networking products such as routers & switches, wireless network products, Wireless Network Rollout, Deployment & Support, Routing & Switching, Unified Communication, Value Added Services, Convergence, and Mobility Solutions & Handset & Device Development & Testing.

HCL’s micro-vertical strategy, built on strong domain expertise, ensures that no matter how complex a company’s business problem is, we can offer a solution that is sustainable and innovation-driven.

HCL is a leading software services provider in the area of Software Defined Networks with a strong core team and rich set of solution accelerators aligning with the Operating requirements, Enhancements and Business Transformation needs of Telecom & Networking Equipment, Network Services and Network Support market segments. As SDN & NFV emerge out as the cross-cutting technologies, most of new investments in cloud computing, mobile technologies, network security, business intelligence / analytics, service management, network operations, collaboration, Social Media Integration, Rich Media, and ‘Internet of Things’ aim to leverage the benefits of flexibility and ease of integration of SDN & NFV technologies. HCL thus have developed its Engineering Services offerings to specifically suit the requirements of horizontal span of SDN & NFV technology adoption curve across various Verticalized Technology areas. HCL’s Solution Accelerators leverage Intel’s Open Network Platform and establish increased flexibility, scalability and cost effectiveness for deployments over this specialized infrastructure.


Telecom & Networking Product & Services landscape is undergoing a major and fast paced transformation based on software defined engineering needs. Stakeholder Experience and value-centricity are becoming the two key philosophies driving differentiation for Equipment Manufacturers & Service Providers. Products & Services of tomorrow will have to look outside the traditional boundaries for differentiation as products & services become platforms for setting up newer products and services. The mantra for market leadership is thus no longer associated with only patents and features but with ecosystem creation and leveraging the platforms.

To address this revised marketplace, HCL looks to not only provide core engineering development services but also aid customers in creating ecosystem advantages around their products & services, either through collaborative strategic services or through HCL’s Accelerators.

Core Product / Services Engineering

Core product & services engineering portfolio contains Complete product and application development of SDN / NFV elements, SDN / NFV verification engineering, hardware development for routers and switches, comprehensive Consulting, Design, Multi-location Implementation, Migration and Support services around Datacenter Technologies, SDN enablement on legacy devices, SDN / NFV migration or porting services, solution integration across multi-vendor SDN / NFV technologies, SDN integration with legacy NMS / OSS systems, SDN business application development, SDN automation development and complete life cycle services. HCL is focused on enabling customers develop cutting edge next gen products along Innovation, Completeness, Criticality, Complexity and Cost of ownership.

Ecosystem Innovation

HCL offers value-centric services for extending the competence of core products & services of customers towards creating platforms for ecosystem innovation. HCL’s engineering expertise in Stakeholder / Partner onboarding, Apps Certifications, Professional Services, Developer Support, SME Assistance, Knowledge Management, Community Management, Learning &Trainings, Architectural Consultancy and Online Release lay out the foundations of robust ecosystem innovation.

Stakeholder Experience

For increased adoption of products & services thru its ecosystem, it’s critical that an improved experience is provided to all the stakeholders. HCL’s Services offerings bring the stakeholder experience beyond the consumer realm and make it equally important for other entities, in alignment with the Verticalized domains & segments operating over Telecom and Networking Services landscape.


Solution Accelerators

HCL has developed a set of frameworks to achieve Engineering Acceleration, Value-centricity and Technology adoption ease that enable core products and services engineering, ecosystem innovation offerings and stakeholders experience to benefit from innovation alignment, reduced cost of ownership, reduced time to market and simplified technology adoption curves.

Rapid SDN Enablement Framework – The framework offers an integrated development environment that identifies the SDN aligned functions available in the legacy equipment and recommends ways to leverage the same to develop the SDN enablement layer on top.

Rapid SDN

OF Mediation Framework – The OF Mediation Framework provides OpenFlow mediation capabilities over equipment that don’t have in-build OF Agents. The Mediation framework can be extended to use over multiple devices, or, can be configured to work for single device. A variant of this framework is developed over Intel ONP to leverage the platform acceleration for server reference architecture.

OF Mediation

SDN Test Automation Framework – SDN Test Automation Framework provides automated testing capabilities for OpenFlow protocol and OF Agent to Controller communication

SDN Test Automation

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