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indeni’s game-changing Dynamic Knowledge solutions empower IT admins to manage their rapidly evolving networks with greater visibility, control and foresight. With indeni you can automate error checking, prevent configuration mistakes and preempt dormant issues months before they disrupt your business. The result: less fire-fighting, fewer lost weekends and smarter deployment of valuable IT resources.

With the new landscape being shaped by SDN, there is a distinct need for network management tools that will be able to keep up with the new self-defining world. In essence, the concept of SDN really only focuses on controllers and data flow but does not cover the implications and the aftermath of the changing data flow. The constant changes in the data flow can impact the behavior of the devices and software handling the data. indeni is leading this gap and integrates with the controllers to oversee data flow changes and review their impact on the devices and software.

indeni is entrusted by enterprises around the globe to keep their networks running smoothly 24/7/365, reshaping the way complex networks are managed. Built on Dynamic Knowledge, indeni is giving enterprises a way to future-proof their evolving network, providing unprecedented network visibility, control and optimism.

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Dynamic Knowledge Monitoring

indeni’s Dynamic Knowledge monitoring provides unprecedented visibility within your organization’s network elements. Using advanced communication protocols, indeni gathers information from the monitored devices, runs a suite of sophisticated checks based on its constantly expanding knowledge base of signatures and presents detailed alerts to end users. As a user, you’ll receive comprehensive root cause analysis with pinpoint information outlining the issue at hand. Moreover, indeni will provide you with detailed remediation recommendations, allowing you to resolve issues quickly before they turn into headaches.

With the changing landscape of networking, automation needs to be applied to all aspects of keeping our networks running. These include: baseline configurations, best practices, availability and performance monitoring, troubleshooting and more. Whether your network is programmed, configured or a combination of both, it is not resistant to faults or node failures. With indeni’s Dynamic Knowledge monitoring, we are able to warn users in advance when a certain change may cause and issue.

Device Profile

Current network management tools cannot match the automation SDN brings, and there can be great variability of traffic demand. Have your basis covered and ensure the devices you have in your network are continuously adjusted based on dynamic flow changes, through indeni’s automation and utilizing indeni’s Device Profile.

indeni’s Device Profile is an effective way to centrally validate that your monitored devices are configured according to the organizational policies and the changing traffic demand associated with SDN. So, if you’ve segmented your network to use a specific NTP or DNS server Device Profile will check this and ensure it is enforced. Additionally, if you want to adopt your network to traffic flow changes, provide indeni with the specific parameter and the Device Profile will do the job for you.


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