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Understand how well you're converting your traffic!


At inReality, we believe making data easier to accumulate, understand, and actionable is our purpose and what makes us stand out from any other solution on the market. Our mission remains to bring traffic analytics to the masses. We do this by delivering actionable insights, cost-effective yet efficient hardware, and an easy-to-use all-in-one platform that improves higher-level goals. By providing camera analytics, radar analytics, and an all-in-one platform that delivers actionable insights, inReality can efficiently adapt to location unique customer behavior and grow sales. We have a team of dedicated developers and specialists that work around the clock to help push your initiatives to the next level. At inReality, we are constantly innovating what some may call a worn-out space of retail analytics to bring more actionable ideas and solutions to a multi-billion dollar industry. Learn more at inReality.com and schedule an appointment with us.

Quickly identify opportunities and areas for improvement within your retail location(s).

  • Is your signage driving traffic, but your not seeing the conversion
  • Determine the areas with the most traffic and engagement for placing higher-margin products
  • Identify the products which are getting engagement, but not actually selling because the size/options/price was not right,
  • Improve marketing ROI by understanding the effects of initiatives on “Top-of-the-Funnel” in-store shopper behavior.
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Gathering performance data for retail touchpoints so you can easily adapt and grow sales. With inReality’s simple but powerful Performance Score, you can easily track the impact of changes and compare individual locations. It is a great way to take the guesswork out of making strategic decisions and to quickly identify opportunities and areas for improvement. Understand where your highest traffic areas are, figure out the best location of various displays, along with understanding what signage, products, and other attributes work and what does not.

The easy-to-use mobile application quickly gives you analytics along with actionable insights, reports, and an easy-to-understand Performance Score, allowing your team to efficiently upgrade your store into a more optimized sales machine.

The inReality solution knocks down the 4 most common objections. First, we remove privacy concerns by leveraging cutting-edge Radar Sensor technology which means no cameras or mobile phone tracking. Then we make it so easy to set up with our Mobile App, even the store manager can install it. We removed the objection to subscriptions by offering a data-on-demand option - a great way to dip your toes into the water of analytics. And finally, we have answered the “what can I do with the data” question by providing Automated Insights and our secret sauce - the easy-to-understand Performance Score.

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