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InvisiTrack's first breakthrough technology, Positioning over LTE (PoLTE), is a dynamic location platform with broad functional, market and international scalability. By providing highly accurate and cost-effective location data for use in a range of indoor/outdoor location-based applications and services, PoLTE is doing for indoor positioning what GPS did for outdoor positioning - unlocking access to billion dollar business opportunities in horizontal and vertical markets worldwide.

A breakthrough positioning technology

PoLTE ("Positioning over LTE") is an innovative positioning solution designed to meet the most demanding business and government needs. It is based on a set of patented innovations that take industry standards for using LTE network signals for mobile positioning and raises them to an entirely new, enterprise-grade level of performance. Using signal processing methods adapted from advanced military radar and sonar applications, PoLTE delivers the best combination of speed, accuracy and reliability, along with 3D location and a low cost of deployment, compared with that of competing systems.

FAST PoLTE provides near-instantaneous location; that is, time-to-first-fix and subsequent location readings (each, within 2 LTE frames).

ACCURATE Proven in carrier trials, PoLTE delivers unmatched location accuracy of one meter indoors with the use of LTE small cells, metro cells or DAS; and sub-10 meters outdoors with conventional LTE macro cell networks.

RELIABLE Using patented signal processing techniques adapted from time-tested radar and sonar applications, PoLTE provides accurate location results with a high degree of consistency, unlike competing methods.

3D LOCATION PoLTE delivers comprehensive 3D location – latitude, longitude and altitude – in the most demanding indoor and outdoor environments when deployed with LTE small cells, metro cells or DAS network infrastructure.