IP Infusion

Hardware Integration and Network Operating Systems to Accelerate Delivery of Next Generation Networking Solutions

IP Infusion's Dataplane Integration Software – ZebIC-- is the first solution to provide a scalable, hardware-independent architecture that enables you to efficiently incorporate networking capabilities into your products. As you transition to SDN, you need a control plane architecture that can isolate hardware development from software development and allow rapid portability of new networking services across a wide range of silicon.

With the VirNOS™ network OS, IP Infusion provides a complete NFV-based software package which carrier and enterprise customers can run, as-is, on top of the standard server platform. Customers can integrate VirNOS into their software offering to add services and features more quickly. VirNOS is designed to meet the requirements for today’s networks by supporting supports many networking functionalities.

ZebIC -- Integration of Network Chipsets with the ZebOS® and ZebOS-XP Platform

IP Infusion's ZebIC enables you to accelerate your transition to SDN by enabling developers to develop, integrate, and test the target platform while the actual hardware system is still under development.

The ZebIC solution provides pre-integration, optimization and validation testing of the ZebOS-XP Control Platform with hardware platforms and operating systems. For more than a decade the ZebOS software-based routing and switching platform has been used in mission-critical networks in mobile backhaul, carrier transport and data center networks. ZebOS-XP is been built upon an SDN Architecture and includes hardware and embedded OS software abstraction layers to enable communication with the underlying operating system or network processor for forwarding table updates. The platform supports more than 200 routing and switching protocols and provides a modular architecture, allowing customers to select and integrate only the protocols needed.