JDSU is the worldwide leading provider of Network and Service Enablement solutions including testing, monitoring, assurance, and analytics. JDSU helps customers overcome the operational challenges faced when dealing with new technology and service introductions. JDSU is working with partners such as Intel to develop next-generation virtualized solutions used for the monitoring and assurance of next-generation networks.

JDSU innovates and collaborates with customers to build and operate the highest-performing and highest-value networks in the world. Our diverse technology portfolio also fights counterfeiting and enables high-powered commercial lasers for a range of applications.

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JDSU enables a transition from reactive monitoring to proactive real-time intelligence and analytics, tightly integrated with and coupled to the network and services as well as orchestration and policy systems. While monitoring system costs have grown almost linearly with the growth in network traffic, JDSU helps level the growth curve by leveraging virtual agents for intelligent network probing, coupled with intelligent analytics and storage. JDSU delivers an approach supporting both virtualized and non-virtualized environments, enabling a transition from today’s networks to future software defined, orchestrated, virtual networks.

More information: www.jdsu.com/nfv