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Kaloom™ is a distributed data center networking software company headquartered in Montreal with an experienced management team that has delivered many successful products, grown revenue and built successful companies. We have developed an innovative, fully containerized Data Center and Edge Networking software solution built on Programmability, Automation and Open standards to run on a new generation of standards-based open networking, white box switches and servers. The approach enables our customers (Telco, Data Center and Cloud Services Provider) to reduce vendor lock-in, develop and deliver applications faster while drastically reducing the cost.

Kaloom’s embedded 5G User Plane Function (UPF) is built on its foundational Cloud Edge Fabric™ product. The solution provides a factor of 10x in throughput,100x in lower latency at 1/10th the cost per Gbps than any incumbent vendor. As a result, Kaloom is experiencing tremendous traction from the largest telecom and data center operators worldwide in its development and delivery of the first container-based software networking fabric with integrated switching and routing. The solution allows emerging applications to be delivered in a cost-effective and scalable fashion. The company and its solutions have been considered to be among the top 12 telecom disruptors of 2019 by a telecom industry trade publication.

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Kaloom’s Software Defined Fabric™, Cloud Edge Fabric™, and its 5G UPF solution fully encompass the open P4 ecosystem. It applies a P4 based approach to the switching fabric in 5G infrastructure with its Cloud Edge Fabric, a fully automated data center fabric with native support for network slicing and embedded 5G UPF. The Cloud Edge Fabric compliments the Software Defined Fabric product designed to automate and virtualize data centers. The same P4 code is optimized and compiled depending on a clients’ chosen hardware platform and their specific network requirements. Its 5G UPF facilitates CUPs to deliver functionality such as network slicing and cloud-native capabilities for service-based architectures. By leveraging Intel’s P4-programmable technologies, Kaloom uses “best of breed” hardware. It optimizes its P4 software to run in a low-touch environment using Ethernet ASICs such as Intel® Tofino and deliver multi-Tbps capacity or in a medium-touch deployments by utilizing FPGAs and SmartNICs. Running the same 5G UPF data plane P4 code from Tofino on an FPGA (i.e., Intel® Stratix® 10), it can scale its solution to support millions of sessions. Similarly, the P4 code could be instantiated for a high-touch environment (e.g. DPI) on general purpose CPUs such as Intel® Xeon® Processors.