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For almost 15 years and with over 24,000 customer deployments worldwide, KEMP Technologies has offered unmatched value in high performance application load balancers with an easy-to-use interface and the widest range of platform support in the industry, including all Intel processors and support for SR-IOV, virtualized infrastructure and hybrid cloud. KEMP helps businesses grow by providing 24/7 infrastructure availability, better web performance and secure operations.

KEMPs SDN Adaptive capabilities enable customers to leverage L2 SDN metrics to enable more intelligent application delivery and traffic steering.

KEMP Application Load Balancers:

Optimize web and application deployments for high-performance and flexible scaling in heterogeneous cloud and data center environments

Enable control and predictability of application performance

Reduce total cost-of-ownership for web infrastructure with flexible and comprehensive deployment options


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KEMP CTO Simon Roach on Application Delivery using SDN


SDN Adaptive Intelligent Load Balancing

KEMP’s evolving and innovative application delivery strategy contributes to successful SDN environments. Since the principles of SDN are typically focused on the lower layers of the network and application load balancers primarily operate at L4–L7, they are in a prime position to bridge the gap that exists between the application and the network.

KEMP’s LoadMaster provides SDN Adaptive capabilities that enables circuit information to be “pulled” from an SDN controller across the North Bound Interface (NBI). By aggregating native application intelligence information with the metrics provided by the controller, LoadMaster is able to make better traffic steering decisions to optimize customer application deployments.