KGPCo is the leading provider of complete, customized, and scalable supply chain and network transformation solutions for the communications industry, whose vision is to be the go-to partner that enables customers to build, optimize and transform their networks. KGPCo is the only large-scale organization that combines a comprehensive suite of technical strategy and implementation services with a national logistics network and portfolio of technology partnerships. With the addition of the recent launch of the KGPCo Solution Innovation Center to evaluate, design, and engineer cloud and virtualization solutions developed and operationalized in a live network environment, KGPCo is focused on being a trusted partner for customers and providing a single brand that can deliver a complement of network solutions. We are bridging the gap between legacy networks and next generation SDN networks.


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KGPCo Solution Innovation Center (SIC)

KGPCo is already a premier, recognized leader in advanced supply chain, distribution, Solution integration and Professional services for Tier 1, 2, 3 and MSO services providers. As service providers transition from legacy (proprietary) hardware and software products to NFV-based solutions to realize their networks and services, it is a natural evolution for KGPCo to offer services in support of these new modalities. Specifically, the KGPCo Solution Innovation Center, in conjunction with key partners, provides the following offerings:

LaaS/TaaS (Lab-as-a-Service/Test-as-a-Service)
NFV Component Integration Readiness Screening NFV/SDN Component Integration & Interop Test Solution Functional Validation & Life-cycle Management Performance & Benchmark Testing Parallel or Offload Testing Options