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NEC/NetCracker SDN/NFV Solutions combines NEC's in-depth expertise in networking with NetCracker's deep-rooted and proven excellence in telecom IT and service delivery into a single business unit. Together, NEC and NetCracker address the emerging opportunities and challenges presented as communications service providers pursue the evolution from physical to virtual infrastructure. As CSPs recognize the ability to enhance flexibility, improve business agility and reduce costs through the use of virtualized technologies, NEC/NetCracker SDN/NFV Solutions aims to provide those companies with a variety of virtual offerings, including virtualized customer premises equipment (vCPE), virtualized evolved packed core (vEPC), virtualized data center (vDC), SDN controllers and end-to-end network and service orchestration, in order to support policy-based, real-time provisioning and service assurance for both SDN/NFV and legacy networks.

Together, NEC and NetCracker are aligning research and development efforts and leveraging more than 100 years of combined experience to ensure that CSPs of all sizes have the tools, resources and knowledge needed to bring their networks into the next generation. NEC/NetCracker SDN/NFV Solution's innovative software provides CSPs with comprehensive BSS/OSS functionality and SDN/NFV-specific service orchestration capabilities. NEC and NetCracker also deliver standardized, commercial platforms for both data centers and networks, as well as a host of professional services to ensure every offering functions well in various operator environments.

Bring cutting-edge virtualized technologies out of the lab and into production.

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NEC/NetCracker SDN/NFV Solution's portfolio includes a wide range of professional services as well as in-depth products that ensure CSPs are able to maximize their use of virtualization and experience results that introduce critical competitive advantages.

Converged End-to-End Orchestration

This offering enables the end-to-end orchestration of service provisioning and assurance for hybrid networks that consist of both virtualized components and traditional network technologies. It is policy-driven, which allows hybrid, virtualized networks to be provisioned according to specific customer types, security requirements, use cases, applications and traffic models.

Virtualized Evolved Packet Core (vEPC)

This first-to-market vEPC solution is software-based and runs on COTS servers, leveraging the separation between control and data planes. It is fully virtualized and takes advantage of cloud technologies to enable flexible and dynamic infrastructure deployment as well as process automation. The solution also guarantees carrier-grade performance and market-proven stability.

Virtualized Customer Premises Equipment (vCPE)

NEC/NetCracker SDN/NFV Solution's vCPE offering addresses the challenges associated with complex CPE maintenance, lengthy service rollouts and poor performance visibility by moving CPE functions into the telco network.

Virtualized Data Center (vDC)

This simplifies data center network structures with its virtual resource component, centralizing network provisioning and management to enable dynamic and optimized resource binding. The vDC solution provides centralized service provisioning and resource management and helps CSPs scale out network architecture to support "pay-as-you-grow" deployments.

SDN Control

The NEC/NetCracker SDN Control solution includes SDN switches, an SDN Controller and a Transport SDN, providing dynamic, flexible, programmable and centralized control and end-to-end provisioning capabilities to meet constantly changing customer requirements and optimize network resource usage.


For more information, please visit the Webpages on NEC/NetCracker's offerings and NEC's ProgrammableFlow .