Netronome is one of the leading providers of data plane processing solutions for software-defined networks (SDN) and leading developers of high-performance networking solutions for cloud, data center, carrier-grade and enterprise-class communications products. Netronome’s flow processing solutions increase the network performance of virtualized servers and networks by offloading compute-intensive workloads, such as network virtualization, security, flow analysis, content processing, deep packet inspection and intelligent load balancing.

Netronome’s products include flow processing silicon, software and platforms that scale up to 400 Gbps, available to OEMs, ODMs and directly to tier one designers of communications equipment.

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Intelligent Edge

Intelligent Edge In virtualized network environments, edge applications and services rely on virtual switches as the on and off ramp to the physical network. Virtual switches must manage encapsulation and decapsulation, firewalling, load balancing, and other intelligent networking tasks for millions of flows destined for virtual machines on the edge of the network.

Accelerated Virtual Switching

Accelerated Virtual Switching Virtual switches compete with services, applications, and hypervisors for CPU resources, consequently degrading the effective throughput of the system. Netronome’s flow processors and FlowNICs at the intelligent network edge eliminate CPU resource constraints and accelerate virtual switching tasks, allowing highly virtualized servers to scale vertically within the data center.

Centralized Control

Centralized Control Cloud orchestration software dynamically maps virtual tasks to physical server resources and uses OpenFlow controllers to rapidly configure the switching fabric for newly deployed applications and services. The separation of control from the data plane fabric using OpenFlow allows for more sophisticated and programmatic control over the network.

Simplified Ethernet Fabric

Simplified Ethernet Fabric Low-cost, commodity hardware switches are used to build the fabric that supplies a non-oversubscribed network with 1:1 bisection bandwidth to virtualized servers. Each hardware switch hosts one or more OpenFlow forwarding tables that steer flows based on path computation executed at the controller.