NFWare is a vendor of high-throughput network software for operators and data-centers. We develop IP/Packet core network elements and make them running without loss of performance on standard x86 servers instead of dedicated proprietary hardware. For carriers this approach enables significant cost reduction, service agility and deployment flexibility that cannot be achieved based on a hardware model.

NFWare's Multicore Network Stack technology based on innovative multi-core fast packet processing approach provides low-latency and high-performance capabilities equal to hardware based on FPGA and ASIC.

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Virtual CG-NAT Virtual CGNAT

NFWare Virtual CG-NAT is a centralized NAT placed in the service provider's network that extends the life of an IPv4 network infrastructure and mitigates IPv4 address exhaustion by using address and port translation on a large scale.

With the deployment of CG-NAT many customers can share a single public IPv4 address as CG-NAT multiplexes the addresses of many inside devices to a single outside address by mapping application flows. NFWare vCG-NAT supports all types of NAT mappings and filterings, a rich set of L7 protocol application layer gateways (ALGs) and high-performance logging for lawful interception. It can be deployed on bare metal and in a virtualized environment, delivering as much as 160 Gb/s per host.