Voyance by Nyansa is the first platform to provide insight into the behavior of every device on the network, from the time of access to application use. Voyance correlates wired, wireless, and application data to form a complete picture of the user experience.

Customers from higher education, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, and general enterprise are using Voyance to improve IT productivity, optimize user experience, radically reduce problem resolution times, and quantify ROI for application performance behavior.

Network Performance + Monitoring

Where other solutions provide insight into one segment of the network, Voyance combines data from wired, wireless, and application sources to tell you exactly how each device is performing on the network. IT operations can view all incoming data in one, centralized platform.

Next Generation Analytics

Anyone can give you data, but Voyance provides answers. Voyance generates Alerts and Insights notifying IT staff of significant events in network performance - reducing the need to sift through raw data. Voluntarily shared metrics are then used to generate cross-company benchmarks between similar organizations, giving IT staff the tools to plan proactively.


With immediate notifications detailing the root cause of an incident, Voyance dramatically reduces HelpDesk escalation. Voyance customers recover hours of lost productivity by resolving issues efficiently.