Building the next generation of cloud computing

Our mission is to provide Network Operators with an intelligent cloud solution to further monetise their infrastructure. We abstract the underlying network complexity and eliminate the need for developers to directly interact with it while giving the Operators the option for self-serve developer access. We are enabling Operators to drive internal innovation, discover new revenues and reach new markets.

Our solution is a PaaS extending across three software layers. The Edge platform is the fundamental part, distributed so it can meet the QoE requirements, the Management Plane is centralised to provide intelligent and dynamic application orchestration and our cloud layer - the user interaction toolkit.

We’re using this new Paas offering to build the next generation of cloud infrastructure, powering the smart, autonomous and immersive future we’ve all been promised.


We aim to facilitate collaboration and bridge the gap between developers and network operators by creating an intelligent edge cloud platform that is completely infrastructure agnostic and developer-friendly, enabling ​seamlessly compute anywhere and everywhere. Contact us now for more information and early access: ​hello@ori.co​ or sign up online: ​ori.co/DNA​​.