PIOLINK, Inc. (KOSDAQ 170790) specializes in the cloud data center optimization.

For today’s rapidly changing network environment with the ideas of smart work and the cloud service, PIOLINK provides the IT infrastructure solutions and service to meet the corporate business demands.

PIOLINK also guarantees the best application availability, security, and performance in this field, and maximizes the efficiency and credibility of the IT resources in the server consolidation and virtualization.

With high visibility as well as fast and easy operation, PIOLINK helps data centers retain the agility and flexibility while reducing the investment costs. Representative products are the application delivery switch (PAS-K), the web application firewall (WEBFRONT-K), the security switch (TiFRONT), the SDN switch (TiFLOW), and so on.

PIOLINK was founded in 2000, and its headquarters is in Seoul, Korea. PIOLINK is currently providing the data center optimization for more than 5,000 customers in 9 countries in Asia, including China and Japan.

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Application Delivery Controller (PAS-K Series) PAS-K — PIOLINK’s application delivery controller (ADC) — provides availability, security, and performance to business-critical applications and cloud services. This handles load balancing among servers and performs application acceleration such as: cashing, compression, SSL offloading, etc.
PAS-K also guarantees availability and efficiency for IT resource, and ensures the use of all applications. Moreover, this allows convenient management as well as better connections to the cloud environment with multi-purpose and visible scalability along with the features such as: strong security and monitoring applications.

ADC VirtualizationEspecially, if you have to deal with a network system such as a virtual data center where there are needs for new services and responses on frequent requests, the virtual ADC is the best solution. Since PAS-K supports two types of virtualization, a wide variety of choices are available according to the SLA, the service scale, and convenience.

PAS-KV: multiple virtual ADC instances on a single physical appliance PAS-KS: software ADC application which can be installed on the virtual server infrastructure
PIOLINK Application-aware O/S (PLOS)