The PLUMgrid OpenStack Networking Suite helps customers achieve operational efficiencies in building and managing their cloud. PLUMgrid provides secure, multi-tenant cloud environments with the most advanced networking functions and the highest performance in the industry. For cloud operators with large multi-vendor network and hypervisor environments, PLUMgrid provides a unique software-only solution to easily and quickly build private virtual networks – called Virtual Domains™.

A Virtual Domain provides complete isolation and control for its tenant. User of Virtual Domain can create new networks, change its configuration or add new networking services on-demand, without affecting other Virtual Domains or the physical network. This can be done using a secure self-service web-interface or programmatically through PLUMgrid's open and extensive API. Unique distributed architecture of PLUMgrid Platform and Virtual Domain provides industry's leading performance, scale and ease of use.

Founded in 2011, by experts in networking, security, and scalable systems PLUMgird is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California and have sales and development offices around the world. PLUMgrid is backed by US Venture Partner, Hummer Winblad, Longworth Venture Partners, Qualcomm Ventures and Swisscom Ventures.

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Is your cloud ready for production at scale?

PLUMgrid OpenStack Networking Suite and our validated blueprints help you deploy your cloud fast, scale it and secure it from the get-go.

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PLUMgrid OpenStack Networking Suite is the best Virtual Network Infrastructure for OpenStack Clouds. It provides a fully distributed set of networking functions that overcome all of the limitations of agent-based OpenStack networking. Designed to scale from single-rack deployment to multi-rack OpenStack cells, PLUMgrid OpenStack Networking Suite gives you the extensibility you need to grow your offering as your needs grow. PLUMgrid OpenStack Networking Suite is tightly integrated with the building blocks in the OpenStack cloud. Solutions for storage, IPAM, and orchestration plugins make it the most comprehensive Virtual Network Infrastructure offering for OpenStack.