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Quortus enables flexible, agile mobile communications networks that provide a foundation for innovative services tailored to a diverse range of end customers. Its award winning EdgeCentrix (ECX) virtualized mobile core solutions help increase operator margin and ‘stickiness’. They interwork gracefully with existing mobile networks, with small cell and HetNet architectures and with standard IT infrastructure, to create truly integrated communications platforms.

Quortus’s ECX products implement standards-conforming functions of 4G, 3G and GSM cellular core networks, in software. Highly scalable, they can be hosted anywhere – in the cloud, at the network edge, or deeply embedded alongside a cellular radio in a single-chip implementation.

The vision is a mobile network that delivers more: for enterprises that demand truly integrated corporate IT and communications; for MNOs, MVNOs and MVNEs seeking service differentiation; for first response and public safety teams that need secure coverage everywhere they go; and for the global population not yet served by conventional mobile networks.

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Quortus ECX software reduces network operating costs, enhances user experiences, and enables new service models for operators. We offer four main products:

ECX Core: a fully featured virtualized core network for voice and packet data on 4G LTE, 3G and GSM networks. Running on a server, in the cloud or on an embedded processor, ECX Core delivers core network functionality where it is needed, standalone or integrated with the macro network.

ECX Enterprise: Integrating the industry’s first VoLTE (Voice over LTE) solution for the business market, ECX Enterprise allows communications service providers to offer cellular services that truly integrate with their customers’ IT infrastructure. Local voice and data offload, PBX integration and enhanced indoor coverage via small cells are all enabled by ECX Enterprise.

ECX Tactical: a compact 4G LTE EPC (enhanced packet core) solution suitable for deployment in a vehicle, unmanned drone or even a backpack, for emergency first responders and public service organizations. Features broadcast/multicast communication, node meshing and support for any 4G radio technology.

ECX Sentinel: a managed access solution aimed at correctional institutions, embassies and other secure facilities.


White Papers

Enhancing The Rural And Remote Business Case

In association with ReThink Research, this white paper explains how small cells combine with network virtualization to allow operators to reach the 650 million subscribers worldwide in hard-to-reach locations.

Enterprise VoLTE At The Edge

Voice continues as a “killer app” for mobile in the enterprise. This white paper explores the architectures that can be used to place intelligence at the edge of the network, enabling truly integrated business communications.

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