Qwilt's Open Edge Cloud Platform establishes a massively distributed layer of common compute and storage enabling content delivery from the closest possible location to subscribers. Built based on experience with hundreds of deployments at the true edge of the service provider last mile network, our software is 100% cloud managed, packs maximum performance into a small form factor, and is both elastic and resilient.

The Edge Cloud delivers unmatched performance, reducing latency to levels that make high-bandwidth applications such as gaming and VR video possible. Publishers and CDNs alike can make use of the Edge Cloud, unlocking new content delivery capabilities that only in-network distance can deliver; and Qwilt offers an ecosystem-friendly set of open APIs as part of our work within the Streaming Video Alliance.

Built for web-scale, Qwilt's Open Edge Cloud supports live and on-demand streaming of managed, partner and 3rd party content with high quality and to massive audiences today, with flexibility for future applications.


Qwilt's Open Edge Cloud platform is the service providers' solution for two critical problems – speed and scale. Unlike traditional CDN nodes that are centrally located in the mid-mile, the Edge Cloud is deployed at the closest possible locations to the users – often just a few miles away. Using open caching technology, this architecture allows service providers to deliver content – such as streaming live or on demand video – with extremely low latency, achieving the best QoE possible.

Additionally, the Edge Cloud significantly simplifies deployment and scaling of content delivery infrastructure. The legacy approach requires service providers to navigate a complex process of engineering, procurement, deployment and maintenance. Taking advantage of the Edge Cloud's massively distributed architecture and elastic scaling capabilities, Qwilt takes care of all these functions through a unified, cloud-based management system, easily delivering any type of content, to any device at web scale.

For more information, please visit: https://qwilt.com/products/open-edge-cloud/