As a global telecom access solutions and products vendor, RAD is committed to enabling service providers and critical infrastructure operators to evolve any service over any network using disaggregated architecture (DA). By keeping at the forefront of pioneering technologies and engaging in co-innovation with our customers, we strive to help service providers move up the value chain at a pace that is right for them, while offering their end-customers and network operators added value—be it in network edge virtualization and vCPE, Industrial IoT, or 5G xHaul. RAD is a member of the $1.5 billion RAD Group of companies, a world leader in communications solutions.


Network functions Virtualization or NFV advocates for network functions to be virtualized and placed where they will be most effective and least expensive, including data centers, network nodes and at the customer premises. Running virtualized network functions or VNFs at the customer site is typically more complex and expensive than running them at more centralized data centers but justified in certain cases, for example, when the network function is most effective when located as close as possible to the end-user. Such is the case for firewalls, diagnostic tools, IP-PBXs, traffic accelerators, NATs, and rate-limiters.

Universal CPE or uCPE incorporates the NFV infrastructure (NFVI) required to host these VNFs and can drive significant value-added service revenue and improve providers’ agility and efficiency. It also enhances security, reduces both capital and operating expenses, and frees providers from vendor lock-in. However, in order to mass deploy uCPE, it is important to overcome obstacles such as the high cost of hardware capable of hosting virtualized functions without compromising performance as well as license costs and management issues, integration with existing NFV managers and orchestrators, secure device provisioning, enhanced SLA assurance, and deployment over any access infrastructure.

The Intel-RAD solution brief “RAD vCPE-OS Overcomes Universal CPE Mass Deployment Challenges” available under “resources” describes how RAD’s flexible virtualization software helps maximize performance and throughput while minimizing compute and memory costs as well as operational complexity.