Communications companies face many challenges today, including shifting business models, increasing demand for bandwidth, and intense competition. Network function virtualization (NFV) and software-defined networking (SDN) are revolutionizing the way services are delivered, but must be implemented the right was to be effective.

Red Hat solutions provide a secure, open foundation for NFV and SDN solutions. With Red Hat, you can reduce infrastructure complexity and costs, increase operational efficiency, and accelerate time-to-market and time-to-revenue for new product and service offerings. Additionally, Red Hat's open source technologies support the flexibility and growth you need to respond to rapidly changing industry demands now and in the future.

Red Hat, the leader in open source software, is committed to bringing the benefits of open source innovation to the communications industry. To learn more about Red Hat solutions for the communications industry, visit


Red Hat solutions provide a secure, open foundation on which communications companies can build their NFV and SDN infrastructure and operations. With tight integration across the entire software stack—operating system, virtualization, middleware, and cloud platform—you get the best performance and security without interoperability concerns and testing. Red Hat's open source technologies allow you to incorporate a wide variety of partner hardware and software into your communications infrastructure.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux lays the foundation for NFV and SDN infrastructures with military-grade security and enterprise-grade reliability.

Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization provides a cost-effective virtual infrastructure that boosts virtual machine and virtual network switching performance.

Red Hat JBoss Middleware provides a development environment that allows customer applications to be created and launched quickly for reduced time-to-market.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform controls the open infrastructure and provides an interface to network functionality, services.