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Robin.io provides a cloud-native platform that enables Mobile Network Operators to automate deployment and lifecycle management of their network services. The Robin Platform automates management of the entire RAN, Core and Edge workloads and enables Operations Teams to accelerate deploying, scaling, monitoring and healing of 5G/Next Gen networks, including VNFs and CNFs, with significant cost and time savings. Robin integrates Intel’s OpenNESS (Open Network Edge Services Software). The combination of the Robin Platform and OpenNESS will make it easier for cloud and Internet of Things developers to engage with a worldwide ecosystem of hardware, software, and solutions integrators to develop new 5G and Edge use cases and services.


Robin is accelerating the Telecom market’s adoption of cloud-native microservices for Network-intensive applications such as OpenRAN, 5G Core functions and Mobile Edge applications.   Robin offers a Kubernetes-based portable, extensible platform for managing containerized workloads and services that facilitates both orchestration and automation. Several leading Mobile Operators are running 5G RAN, Core and MEC applications on the Robin Platform.  Robin provides both orchestration and automation of network application compute resources to reduce OpEx and CapEx for new 5G workloads whether deployed on physical servers at the Far Edge or in VMs in private cloud and/or public cloud environments.  Furthermore, we are helping operators automate the deployment of applications across multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments to manage Telecom-grade scaling and healing, for example.


Solution Brief: Robin, QCT Aid MNOs in Cloud Native 5G Evolution

Solution Brief: Robin.io Builds Cloud-Native 5G, Edge Platform using OpenNESS

The Robin platform automates deployment, scaling, and life cycle management for data- and network-intensive applications on Kubernetes via application topology awareness that uses OpenNESS for 5G and edge services.

Solution Brief: Cloud-Native Software-defined Orchestration for Telco Service Delivery

Reference Architecture: HPE, Intel and Robin – Telco Core Validated Reference Design

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