Leading network operators are embracing the use of software-based network appliances to increase service and application agility, while dramatically reducing both CapEx and OpEx.

Saisei Networks is a Sunnyvale, CA based developer of software appliances designed to enable flow-based network visibility and policy control for enterprise and service provider networks. At the heart of Saisei's Network Performance Enforcement (NPE) software is their patented flow processing engine, which enables application/user level identification of flows, real-time analytics, and policy enforcement of millions of flows in real-time.


The Saisei NPE is a software-based appliance that delivers an unprecedented combination of flow-based network visibility and policy control. It monitors & controls millions of data flows per second in-line on the network, provides application & user level visibility into data flows, and analyzes and reports on application health in real-time. Designed to run on standard COTS hardware in either bare metal or virtualized environments, the Saisei NPE achieves virtually limitless scale while also setting new standards for cost effectiveness versus traditional hardware based solutions.

Network Visibility Policy Control