Sonus brings the next generation of Cloud-based SIP and 4G/VoLTE solutions to its customers by enabling and securing mission critical traffic for VoIP, video, IM and online collaboration.

With Sonus, enterprises can intelligently secure and prioritize real-time communications, while service providers can deliver reliable, secure real-time services for mobile, UC and social applications.

Sonus offers an award-winning portfolio of hardware-based and virtualized Session Border Controllers (SBCs), Diameter Signaling Controllers (DSCs), Cloud Exchange Networking Platform, Policy/Routing servers and media/signaling gateways.

Session Border Controllers

SBCs provide security, interoperability, and other necessary functions in a SIP network. However, not all SBCs are created equal, and not all SBC customers have the same criteria. Sonus’ SBCs are architected to deliver complete network protection from Denial of Service, toll fraud, and other IP-based attacks, establishing confidentiality and integrity across communication networks. Sonus SBCs deliver media and signaling interworking capabilities to enable interoperability across disparate Private Branch Exchanges, allowing companies to leverage investments in existing time-division multiplexing technologies while integrating new collaborative SIP-based solutions. Whether you have an enterprise VoIP network or you are a service provider offering new services to your customers, Sonus SBCs can help you simply unify and secure your real-time communications.

Centralized Policy and Routing Engines

Centralized SIP policy and routing for Sonus’ award-winning SBCs and session management solutions are made possible by the PSX portfolio. Sonus’ appliance-based, embedded, and virtualized policy solutions deliver network intelligence that enables a wide range of real-world benefits, including dial plan management, toll-free routing, least-cost routing, number portability, Virtualized Private Network, SIP trunking, emergency services, and a host of additional high-value capabilities that work in mixed TDM IP nextgeneration networks as well as pure IP Multimedia Subsystem-based networks. Sonus delivers the “gold standard” of network policy and routing management, providing 99.999% reliability in the world’s most demanding environments.